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It's all that we love~
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My gallery, which is steadily filling up with nothing but Pokémon art.

I should add more diversity to it :iconotlplz:


I'll organize everything and make more folders...someday.



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Heart a la Mode by IamaCutie
Heart a la Mode
As we continue to spend our time side by side
there's nothing that will keep us down
because we already have all the magic we need...
to sweeten it up.

Inspired by a lovely song by DECO*27 called Heart a la Mode.

I have officially drawn the cutest thing I will ever draw. It is done. I am satisfied. 
These two make my heart go all funny.  I love it //w\\

Nemises is my FWS child and belongs to me.
Niko belongs to my dear bae :iconguardianangel9x: 
CocoaShipping belongs to the both of us?
Yeah. Both of us. It sprung from FWS.
Yamask Doodles by IamaCutie
Yamask Doodles
I uh

i was bored

I think Yamasks are my new favorite Pokémon. They're so sad and cute.
I feel like drawing some Yamasks

I'm gonna draw some Yamasks
DeviantART has been a big part of my life for a small handful of years now. Very small. I'm closing in on my 4th dA birthday next month, in fact.

It all started on September 17th, 2010. After being pushed/nagged/harped on by a close friend, I set up a devaintART account. My younger self, who had yet to develop the ability to pick good usernames, picked the gem of a username I have now: IamaCutie. Far from an act of arrogance, I just didn't have any idea what my username. I posted a few pictures I had copied freehand, and left it at that. This is the first deviation I ever submitted.
Rani by IamaCutie
For almost a year, my galley consisted of this deviation and four or five others. For a long time, most of my deviations were copied freehand from manga and anime I liked at the time, scanned on a crappy printer.
One-Sided Sympathy by IamaCutie
This continued for a bit, till I was introduced to Photoshop, and dappled in it, using it solely for coloring. Around this time, I was OBSSESSED with Homestuck, and it was the only stuff I drew.
:thumb318040719: :thumb329033945: :thumb329375265:
At this point, I had gotten a but better, but something was still lacking. Like, body proportion? I wasn't breaking my drawings down to a sketch and making sure everything was proportionate. Then, about two years, I was encouraged by the same friend who persuaded me to set up this account- a friend by this time had moved on to bigger, better, tumblr things and had deleted her dA account- to break my drawings down to a sketch. From that point on, my skill increased dramatically. I was cranking drawings out left and right, and with my newfound skill in Photoshop, and the eventual obtaining of a tablet and the program on my home computer, I was on fire. I kept getting better and better, and as I look,back on it now, I can't believe how much I improved in four short years. My skill got even better in the last two years I've been on here. I also worked on my skills as a writer, and have posted several fanfictions. Though they have never received as much attention as my art, I keep writing in hopes they get more love. When I love back on stuff I USED to write, I cringe at the horror. I pushed myself hard, improving everything in my writing. 
:thumb374550567: :thumb413830542: :thumb453090274: :thumb463070827:
I met so many awesome people, and befriended people who, at first, were just inspirations to me that I could never hope to be friends with. Even though we are all friends now, they continue to inspire me and push me to better my art and myself. I've watched them get better as well. I've met people, said goodbye, and watched my art become better than I could have ever imagined. Art was just a hobby for me before making this account. DeviantART transformed it from a mere hobby to a passion, something I never want to stop doing. DeviantART is more than just a website for me. It's a place for me to share what I love doing with the world, to talk with people who love it as much as I do, and to become better as an artist, and as a person.
Thank you deviantART, for a truly wild and wonderful ride. I'm not getting off anytime soon!

:thumb409510964: :thumb459209308: :thumb374435609: :thumb463071775: :thumb468171974: :thumb471741185:

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  • Reading: Your mind
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Absolute Walnut
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
When I get a Premium Membership, I swear I will change my username, because I hate it. And when I do change it, it'll be extremeArtist, most likely. Free free to call me that, or Athea. Or eA. There are some who also call me Iama.

I'm an Pokémon artist with too many ideas and not enough time.
I also write fanfics, usually about my FerrisWheelShipping babies. If I somehow find the time to draw comic, they are also about my OTP babies.
I enjoy giving people feels attacks with my art, and may or may not have attempted to smother people with fluff that I write and draw.

I love to do digital art, and love life in general.
I love happy people and it means a lot to me if I'm the one who makes people happy, so I'm always ready to give out words of encouragement, compliments, or a digital hug. One of my main goals in life and on dA is to be known as that infectiously happy, nice, and friendly person who can put a smile on a face.

Thank you for visiting my page, and don't forget to check out my art! :)

Current Residence: My head

Favourite genre of music: Vocaloid, Jpop
Favorite Band: Owl City
Favorite shows: Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Adventure Time, Steven Universe
Favorite anime: Ouran High School Host Club, Hetalia, Black Butler
Favorite Vocaloid producer: DECO*27, Kururingo, Shokubai Phantom Girl, ryuryu, Papiyon

Personal Quote: Yoy.
Motto: Love and be loved.

People I know in real life, :iconblairdiggory: :iconnmystery: :iconreceethedragon:

Artists who inspire me and some really awesome people:
:iconyuumei: :iconfirehorse6: :iconguardianangel9x: :iconfieryfafar: :iconlizdraws: :iconkitfox-crimson: :iconky-nim: :iconquilofire: :iconkoyamori: :iconrileykitty: :iconartist-black:

Other really awesome people you should check out:
:iconceilingsapph: :iconnmystery:

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